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Gina Lin

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Why Choosing Our Team

Why Choosing Our Team

- Huge network and numerous wealthy clientele

- Professional consultant: Lifetime membership of the Real Estate Club

- Oversee the whole transaction:

   A. Every transaction has 100-150 phone calls each one loaded with critical details. 200 pages requiring upwards of 43 signatures and initials, making a mistake can be very costly to you

   B.  Involve over 10 different trades, such as lawyer, bank, appraisal, inspector, seller and buyer, realtor, brokerage , renovator, management company, city hall, etc.

   C. 88 things that might go wrong during the transaction

-  Strong and effective team work

-  Always available for you

Name: Gina Lin

Phone: 604-437-6752

Fax: 604-608-3467

Email: ginalin96@gmail.com


Address: 638 Broughton St Suite 310,

Vancouver, BC V6G 3K3